Name Change

I didn’t want to talk about it during the process, but now it’s official – I’ve gotten my name legally changed. Surprisingly, the bulk of the hard work/hassle came from mistakes and typos that other people made. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about moving forward with a new name. But I went ahead with it because I was more afraid of never trying.


A Gift to Myself

I didn’t want to write about this right away, because I didn’t know if it would work out. But it did, so here it is: I just got my ears re-pierced. I’d been thinking for a while that maybe when the new year started, I should give it a try. I used to have three piercings in each ear, and one day they all mysteriously closed up. Re-piercing didn’t help – they just kept closing up. So, I started using clip-on converters for all of my earrings, and they were a pain. That was about 5 or 6 years ago.

Three and a half weeks ago, I finally got fed up (with said converters) and wanted to try again. We were walking through the mall, and I asked my husband if they had a Claire’s. When he said yes, I made a bee-line for it and sat down in the chair. I’m really glad I just went for it, because my piercings are now healed, and I can finally wear whatever earrings I want again.

Tree Pics

As the title states, pictures of my “tree”. It looks way better in person, as our indoor lighting isn’t that great ^-^. I decorated it with glittering bows, gold stars, mini pine-cones, and pictures of some of my favorite fairy tale books. Plus a wreath I made.

Just found out

We actually found out why my husband’s family suddenly didn’t like me – a third party finally told us what really happened. We still don’t want them in our lives, but it’s better knowing than not. Apparently, the father’s new wife didn’t like me (for no particular reason), and was very immature about it – she told him she didn’t like me and didn’t want me around. He figured he’d just tell my husband to dump me and everything would go back to normal. When it didn’t play out that way, she got mad that I wasn’t going anywhere and he got mad that his son told him no (he has control issues)…  so they started lying to the rest of the family about me and it went downhill from there.

Again, it’s good to finally have our unanswered questions put to rest. And it serves to strengthen me more when people tell me to leave matters unresolved. Knowledge is power, and peace of mind is priceless.